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City Ambulance Limited is a highly specialised Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provider that offers prompt, professional and affordable, basic and advanced life support services. Call our TOLL FREE LINE: 0800111044 for emergency help. City Ambulance – Inspired to save life.


Client Testimonials

Thank u city medical, I only remember wen Dr Hanington saved my life wen I rushed to city medical in 2016 quick service well equipped with GD drugs bless u city medical
Vanessa Bless Ashan
July 14, 2018
Whatever the outcome of my patient, I will still thank you City Ambulance for the quick response, for the first time I felt was in the developed world
Begumisa Baguma
July 14, 2018
The best around. They will get to you in time
Hillary Kahöza
July 14, 2018