Welcome to City Ambulance Ltd.

City Ambulance Limited is a highly specialised Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provider that offers prompt, professional and affordable, basic and advanced life support services. Call our TOLL FREE LINE: 0800111044 for emergency help. City Ambulance – Inspired to save life.


Client Testimonials

Thank u city medical, I only remember wen Dr Hanington saved my life wen I rushed to city medical in 2016 quick service well equipped with GD drugs bless u city medical
Vanessa Bless Ashan
July 14, 2018
Whatever the outcome of my patient, I will still thank you City Ambulance for the quick response, for the first time I felt was in the developed world
Begumisa Baguma
July 14, 2018
Thanks for offering excellent services. Continue to widen the coverage to include all towns
Shinyale Joseph
December 09, 2018
Professionalism , quick response, inspired to save lives and stands to it's motto
Mundeyi Isaac
December 23, 2018
Thank u city Ambulance, I only remember when Dr Hanington saved my life wen I rushed to city medical in 2016; quick service, well equipped with GD drugs. May God bless you.
Vanessa Bless Ashan
May 09, 2018
I like what u do to help the many Ugandan who are in critical conditions
Doctor Liptrot
January 19, 2019