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On Site and Remote Site Medical Support

City ambulance on site support

City Ambulance responds to any medical emergency with well-equipped ambulances and highly trained personnel in the shortest time possible to save life. Our target response time is 15 minutes.

Our ambulances operate 24/7, hence capable of responding to emergencies both day and night.

All the ambulance vehicles are equipped to the highest international standards for rescue services with self-loading, scoop and basket stretchers, vacuum mattress, splints and collars, wheel chair, two oxygen cylinders, multi-parameter patient monitor, infusion pump, suction machine, nebulizer, defibrillator, automatic portable ventilator, emergency  drugs and supplies.

On-site, we resuscitate and stabilize the patient before safe transportation to the nearest appropriate health facility. In the meantime, our emergency medical dispatcher at the call center liaises with the receiving facility to ensure prompt intervention.

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