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First Aid And Advanced Life Support Training

Our accredited first aid training services deliver a flexible and adaptable range of first aid solutions designed to meet the needs of both your organization and your staff. And because legally, if you have 1 or more employees you are required to have a suitably stocked first aid box and an appointed first aid person, we can help you to meet your health and safety obligations.

No matter how safe your workplace is, or how well your risks are managed, employees may be injured or taken ill at work and will require adequate and appropriate attention. Approved training is the best way to meet legal obligations regarding first aid at work and to empower your team members to take the correct actions and appropriate measures should you or anyone that you work with need treatment.

Our affordable and dedicated training courses are held on a regular basis at our base station and all course materials and literature is provided. Plus all applicants who successfully pass the course will receive a recognized certificate.

Our trainers are professional, experienced and qualified to provide high quality customer service, before, during and after the training. We currently train individuals and groups of people in the following areas:
• Basic life support, advanced life support,
• Firefighting and safety,
• Health and safety at work place,
• Advanced cardiac life support,
• Advanced trauma and life support,
• Automatic external defibrillator course,
• Major incident management course

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